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Our Services


The IRHCFQ is constituted of professionals who make their expertise available to individuals and organisations who want to acquire specific information on railway history.


The documentation and data bases of the IRHCFQ are not yet accessible to the general public. Researchers could send their requests directly to the IRCHFQ.

Research fees of $25 / hour are applicable. The conditions of the researches are established at the time of the request for services. Please note that these charges help support the financial status of the Institute permitting it to acquire more documents.

Textual composition

The IRHCFQ gives researchers and editors a research service and composition of articles dealing with different aspect of the Quebec railway history. Rates are negotiable according to the size of the project.


Our group is composed of experienced speakers. We adapt our conference service to your event. A charge of $200 per conference is applicable. Extra travelling expenses may also apply depending on the distance from Montreal. These conferences are generally given in French.