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Map: Chemins de fer et bureaux de poste de Lanaudière / 15$

This map presents all the railways and post offices which have existed in the Lanaudière region. One finds the post office names and years of their existence. On this map you can also find each railway line and the name of each company with the list of the train stations per railway line.

Map: Chemins de fer du Nord de Montréal 1933 / 5$

This map (size 11 X 17) shows the railway activities of Laval, Laurentides and Lanaudière regions, in the summer of 1933. It also shows you the lines and the position of the passenger and freight train stations.

Map: Chemins de fer de la région de Montréal /15$

This map presents all the railways (except tramways) which have existed in the metropolitan region of Montreal. On each line, one finds the years of construction and abandon; also illustrated is the various railways name-places.

Railway maps and/or extracted post offices from cartographic data bases of the IRHCFQ are $15 / sheet. According to your needs, we can produce a small personalized map, size 8½ X 11 (scale of 1:50 000), which presents the railway system and/or the post offices site of a particular locality in Quebec.

Handling expenses of $5 are applicable for all maps delivered in a roll in Canada. Handling expenses for folded maps in an envelope are $3 each.

Order your copy by email or by phone: 450-471-7509.