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The Management

The management and administration of the Institute are assumed by Mr. Claude Martel and Mr. Yves Fréchette. Other researchers occasionally join the Institute for the realization of specific mandates.

Claude Martel, president

Mr. Martel is a geographer-historian who has mainly worked as a specialist in the development of natural areas, for their recreational and historical values. During this period, he was and still is in charge of courses in the geography of transport and the rural - regional development at a university.

In his research, Mr. Martel developed interests in the social and economic impacts of the railways in the development of the communities and the regions of Quebec. He carries a marked interest with all that has to do with transport and communications. Because of his competence, he is often invited to give conferences and to participate in the writing of many articles.

Mr. Martel is strongly implicated in our society. He has also held various functions with different national associations.

Yves Fréchette, secretary-treasurer

Mr. Fréchette holds a master's degree in geography and a master in business administration. He specializes in managing projects for regional development and in communications. He also works in the organization of special events, in communications and public relations.

He is also in charge of courses in rural geography at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, since 1997, and has given many conferences to Canadian and Quebec geographer associations. His passion for transports and communications has permitted him to promote articles and works on these subjects.

Mr. Fréchette has worked for many organisations, he has also presided the Geographers Professional Association of Québec.